This end is a new beginning

Life’s organic pedagogical approach to refining me and honing my resilience has beaten me to a pulp these past few weeks.
I love fiercely, laugh less seldom than I should and have approached the future with both wonderment and fear. I can be both a romantic and a curmudgeon, a poet and a critical realist.
As easy as it is to be tougher on myself than others, I must learn to look past those voices and emotions which whisper to the deeper portions of my soul that I am less than what I am, to heed their intent to refine, but ignore the real and prevalent desire to relinquish my will to their self-punishing forwardness.
I have lived through trial and tribulation enough to temper me and I will rely on that constitution of heart to see my dreams fulfilled one step at a time in the minuscule circle of control I have the power to affect.
I am strong and I am independent. Perhaps I forgot that along the line as well, but I have had encouragement here in California to remind me that I came from nothing and have built a life for my self, many times while alone and with my own devices.

I now take control of my life again. I will succeed, because I have the ability and will to do it. I will conquer my world and myself to achieve my dreams. I welcome my friends and loved ones to share in seeing me transform into the man I will become; a work in progress that will embrace life and enjoy it more as an individual.

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