American Periah

To lose entitlement means to abandon mental slavery. Embrace the idea that you must end a life steeped in the glory of star spangled bliss and take responsibility for a truly human condition.

It is difficult to embrace strife, fear, pain and risk. To abandon comforts that cater to a mind that has been conditioned to believe that life is complete with cable T.V. and Big Mac’s.

It is also difficult to speak what others don’t want to hear. You may become the outcast.

I have been afraid. Afraid to offend or hurt others feelings. and yes, there is a time and place for everything. Some will rail. Some will hate, but that happens even if you live your life trying to please others, or work to avoid what is uncomfortable to the world.

Speak facts with conviction and passion, though thoughtfully informed and with compassion. If I am going to anger others, I’d rather live with the knowledge that I was honest with myself and am free of my silence.

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  1. Don’t believe everything you think. There are more roads than one to becoming an outcast. Stepping into the shoes of the wise-unbending-social-martyr is an express trip, especially if your ‘hard truth’ is hardly truth. Remember, even an idiot can be thought wise if he can hold his tongue.


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