What is a Promise

Promises are worthless, but not in the way that you think.

When intent leaves our mouths, they are the representations

of our credibility.

To say “I Promise” then suggests that an additional declaration is necessary

to trust anything you say,

for without it, your words would be disingenuous and hollow.

“I’ll come over for dinner.”, “Sorry something came up, I promise I’ll make it next time.”

But you didn’t ‘promise’ something wouldn’t come up next time, nor could you. Repeated uses of the saying vs. the promising speak of either a childish mind or are telling of a disinterest in remaining true to what you have said by virtue of speaking it with different intent as opposed to what you said you would do.

I will be with you in a normal relationship, I love you.

I never thought I’d need to hear ‘I promise’. But at that point, it didn’t matter.

The spoken assent of love and endearment should not require an additional and increasingly superfluous addition of sounds to qualify them as true.

Why don’t we do away with promises and treat our words, each one that leaves our soul as an honorable intent to follow through; to teach others to trust us without qualifiers.


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