Que Sera, Sera

Kevin knew he wanted to kiss her, knew she wanted to kiss him. They had just returned from their hike, cooling down from the unrepentant heat of the sun that brought its life and death to all it touched – gracing and cursing. The hike was beautiful, winding as it did up Cheyenne Mountain, scrub oak giving way to pine the further up it went, shade from those trees brought relief every now and then.

Each found the other broken beautiful people, looking for answers and hope to a life that had seemed to abandon happily ever after (If it had ever existed at all). Their true strength lay in how they were broken, understanding that giving up was easy, yet decided to continue going forward, to live life and face the hurt. Each embraced what they loved; she her music and he, his writing and education. Gone were the days of lingering on those who did not appreciate them, working to let them go.

He hoped his kiss was good enough, she hoped he understood her life enough to let it happen. It was a beginning, and perhaps an end, but only time would tell in the realm of no expectations.

In the background of the thin walls of the apartment, Mrs. Gonzales the neighbor listened to Doris Day as they made love to one another, losing themselves in a moment both were unsure about but needed.

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