Semper Amare – Social Lies

There is a time in the morning where the dew coalesces in every sense like a temporary love, the infinite conceivable universe laid bare in a drop of water clinging to an emerald blade, a weed found lovely by a child, troublesome by an adult. The undulating juxtaposition of life and non life rendered inconsequential in the wake of beauty’s unimaginable lack of light that empower our eyes to see what daylight obfuscates; a small portion of reality, whose vastness defies human comprehension.

The unique awareness of the figment of time, both real and unreal, renders a reality of sustenance and procreation, itself laid low in the face of love; sacrificing well-being and existence, without thought, at the mere idea of a terminus that wants in its high laden significance, perhaps an inward thinking and quilted egotistical intention nonetheless manifests as an aspect that defies the biology of self-preservation in lieu of harm to the lack of emotion – which gives us meaning.

Is the institution a classically conditioned eventuality, forever steeped in anguish and sorrow that I cannot feel or allow myself to feel or trust or accept that there is one human being on this planet that would accept all that I am. Flawed, passionate, loving and forever a work in progress? I find I am the soul that floats in a river of beauty, every bit as noteworthy as the flotsam or summer swan. It is faster and more steady in its rage and flow. Thankful, it passes, caressing and folding, but sets its site on the body of tomorrow.

It is not my goal to be invader or caressed, but to be the river. Joined and as complimentary as the homogeneous melding of the drops that become it. I forge and consume, I can be poisoned for years only to outlive the transgressors. I can be destroyed; I have many times.

Blue begets royal, night joins with day. The only dream of depths to insinuate themselves to my inner wishes would be to meet the compliment, the joy, the accepting, the honest. To bear all that I am without fear or judgement. A not so complete joining as to be lost, but to become more than the sum; the very dewdrop joined with a beam of white light to split the spectrum for all to see, neither achieving the effect without the other.



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