Give me a “C”!

I had no idea that bump in the night was Cocaine,

That the sweet smiles and caress was induced euphoria,

The monster under my bed or in the closet was next to me

In the form of her need. Malignant and corrupting something pure –


I know how she felt, save I was addicted to her; ignorant of the demons

Behind closed doors.

Her desire for other men and women.

She looked at me with eyes of adoration once – now hollow, yet lovely

Reflections of a soul too damaged to care about anything, about me.

Her one-time need, now-time imposition.

Take heart, I will always love you. But now it is time to put away the dreams

I held so long. I must harden to live. You made me stronger, tougher.

Like a boiled egg balancing on a high wire with no net.

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