Lady Liberty 2.4601a

A woman clothed in oxidized sensuality, comfort saying, “Let me soothe your worries” with the cool damp dishrag my mother used when I was young. She leans over, nurse breasts dangled beneath her robe, unbound.
With hypnotizing fullness, lips tattooed natural beautiful crimson, caress my cheek, a promise of protection from fear: And there are so many. Terrorist-Muslim-homosexuals, black criminals, Mexican illegals stealing our culture; Syrian refugee rapists – I can hear security worth more than gold? I can feel the light of capitalism sounding intermittently in whispers to shouts.

Sick and hungry. Two aspirin washed down with a lemon lime soda, charbroiled burger and cable. Suddenly I am safe again, the border to border problems of the world fade. A good nights rest all will be right as rain to clock in and labor for my freedoms in the morning.


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