Soap Box

Natural Hate. We hate – we believe it presents a threat to us or our the way we live our lives; a base and terrible instinct – it drives us to eliminate the threat from our lives. Fear and the reflection of our present and future due to the experiences – real, imagined or taught – of our past.


Destined by God Himself to rule the world.

American Gothic inbred white lines of purity

One hand on the Bible one on a Gun.


Tax dollars go to build roads and churches, skyscrapers

waving high, piercing the heavens, a fit memorial to

the Divine who protect us and have our

Best interests in heart.


Cleansed of red and yellow, black and brown

Lost tribes and lesser species need not apply to our

God Given freedom.


Breeding ground of that which we fought and died against

which now we embrace and protect.

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