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Natural Hate. We hate - we believe it presents a threat to us or our the way we live our lives; a base and terrible instinct - it drives us to eliminate the threat from our lives. Fear and the reflection of our present and future due to the experiences - real, imagined or taught... Continue Reading →

Lady Liberty 2.4601a

Liberty... A woman clothed in oxidized sensuality, comfort saying, "Let me soothe your worries" with the cool damp dishrag my mother used when I was young. She leans over, nurse breasts dangled beneath her robe, unbound. With hypnotizing fullness, lips tattooed natural beautiful crimson, caress my cheek, a promise of protection from fear: And there... Continue Reading →

Leto’s Daughter

Four legs, function follows form in time, prespective permitting. Stolid and unshaking purpose seen from a distance, floating in defiance of universal law. What would the world taste like if I could just reach through the pain. She can't, couldn't. She was never born.


She smelled the balmy fettered hands of children Homeless, blue collar, blue blood - not much A hint of bloody molar, candy, desperate loneliness; a stripper spearmint reduction over late rent fees. A crypto arranged bitcoin fantasy jubilee. A large stone, carved with a circle empty in the center - chewy caramel glory - beatified.... Continue Reading →

The Musheroom Rains

And so he walked, even through the rain and humidity, past the signs warning that the walkway was closed - flash floods. Humid sprinkles and the background roaring of the river, reminded him of relationships. This was the closest he wanted to get, and so he pressed on. Here wasn't the rain forest climes, the... Continue Reading →

Give me a “C”!

I had no idea that bump in the night was Cocaine, That the sweet smiles and caress was induced euphoria, The monster under my bed or in the closet was next to me In the form of her need. Malignant and corrupting something pure - Loving. I know how she felt, save I was addicted... Continue Reading →

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