Give me a “C”!

I had no idea that bump in the night was Cocaine, That the sweet smiles and caress was induced euphoria, The monster under my bed or in the closet was next to me In the form of her need. Malignant and corrupting something pure - Loving. I know how she felt, save I was addicted... Continue Reading →

Semper Amare – Social Lies

There is a time in the morning where the dew coalesces in every sense like a temporary love, the infinite conceivable universe laid bare in a drop of water clinging to an emerald blade, a weed found lovely by a child, troublesome by an adult. The undulating juxtaposition of life and non life rendered inconsequential... Continue Reading →

Que Sera, Sera

Kevin knew he wanted to kiss her, knew she wanted to kiss him. They had just returned from their hike, cooling down from the unrepentant heat of the sun that brought its life and death to all it touched – gracing and cursing. The hike was beautiful, winding as it did up Cheyenne Mountain, scrub... Continue Reading →

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